FutureSkills: AI Strategies for Business - 生產力學院
FutureSkills: AI Strategies for Business
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Programme Highlights

  • A practical workshop for any non-technical business executives who wants to:
    – acquire AI knowledge;
    – drive AI across the company;
    – lead & manage AI initiatives

Learning Outcomes

By taking this course, you will be able to

  • Gain solid understanding of AI, Machine Learning and the opportunities for your organisation
  • Craft your AI journey for business transformation, from strategy and capabilities to project execution and monitoring
  • Key learning:
    – Project Management in AI
    – AI Project Deployment Skillset
    – AI Business Use Cases in Video/Image Recognition
    – AI Use Cases in Business Document Automation and Analytics
    – AI Use Cases in Sound And Audio Classification
    – AI in Energy Saving, Facility Monitoring, Building Services

Course Fee – RTTP Approved

HK$4,800/ HK$4,320*
*Group discount for 2 or more

For RTTP applicants: HK$1,600# (Original price: HK$4,800)
#Maximum saving, with the final grant subjects to approval.

This course is an approved Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP) with up to 2/3 course fee reimbursement upon successful applications. For details: https://rttp.vtc.edu.hk.


2 & 5 Dec 2022 (Fri & Mon)


9:30 – 17:00


Total 12 lecture hours


(supplemented by English and with English handouts)

Award of Certificate

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to participants who have attended 75% or above of the training session.

Course Structure

Part I – Strategy and Project Management
1. Transforming Your Business
A. Trends of Emerging Technology (AI, Big Data, IoT, Cloud, Blockchain)
B. Challenges and Business Opportunities
C. Essential Components of Digital Transformation
2. Formulating Corporate AI Strategy
A. Project Management Basics
B. Concepts in Data Science Process
C. Data Cleansing, Validation and Transformation
D. Common Tools
E. Privacy and Security
F. Build your AI Strategy & Capabilities
G. Use Case Sharing
3. Project Management & Deployment Techniques in AI
A. Resources Estimation
B. Workload Estimation of Unstructured and Structured Data
C. Skills of Project Team and Operation Team
4. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
A. Introduction to Big Data & Analytics
B. Introduction to AI & History
C. Examples in Deep Learning
D. AI Applications in Computer Visions
E. AI Applications in Face and Gesture Recognition
F. AI Applications in Object Detection
G. AI Applications in Activity Recognition
H. AI Applications in Image Generation
I. AI Applications in Robotic Controls
J. AI Natural Language Processing
K. GPU and Hardware in AI
Part II – Real Commercial & Government Use Cases
5. Commercial Use Cases – AI Image and Video Recognition
A. Principles of AI Image Analytics
B. Use case: Face-related Detection and Recognition
C. Use case: Activity Recognition
D. Use case: Building and Facility Monitoring
E. Use case: People Traffic
F. Use case: Crowd Management
G. Use case: Document Imaging
6. Commercial Use Cases – AI E&M Facility Energy Saving and Preventive Maintenance
A. Introduction to AI in E&M Energy Saving
B. Examples in HVAC, Facilities and Pump
C. Introduction to AI in E&M Preventive Maintenance
D. Basic Concepts in Preventive Maintenance
E. Use Case Sharing
7. Commercial Use Cases – AI Sound, Voice & Customer Service
A. Chatbot
B. Use Cases in Sound Classification for Vehicles
C. Use Cases in Voice-to-Text Technology
D. Use Cases in Voice-to-Voice Technology
8. Case Studies in Commercial Cases with Business Intelligence & Analytics
A. Basic Concepts in Natural Language Processing
B. Document Automation – Paperless Initiative
C. AI Automatic Document Data Retrieval
D. AI Automatic Document Data Textual Summarization
E. AI Sentiment Analysis
F. AI in Reading Comprehensive
Part III – Machine Learning – How it Works
9. Regression – From the Ground Up
A. Machine Learning Basics
B. Training, Test & Validation Process
C. Over-fitting and Under-fitting
D. Principles in Perceptron
E. Impact of Data Cleansing and Data Transformation
10. Neural Network Basics, ANN, CNN
A. Neural Network Basics
B. Neurons, Activation Functions, Optimisation & Loss
11. Concepts in Image Recognition and Speech Recognition
A. Convolutional Neural Network for Image Recognition
B. Speech Recognition
12. AI Textual – Natural Language Processing
A. Principles in Natural Language Processing
B. AI Chatbot, Sentiment Analysis
C. AI Document Management System
D. AI Knowledge Management System
E. AI High-Speed Searching Engine


Alan LEE has held senior management role in technology group, overseeing the corporate strategy, product development and production management for more than 14 years. With strong IT background, he possesses practical project experience on sophisticated analytics and large-scale global technology project management.

Mr LEE also has rich training experience in the design and delivery of digital transformation training including AI, Big Data, Blockchain, etc.

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