Technical Workshop on Machine Learning for IoT Data
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As the world becomes increasingly digital, everything from coffee machines to cars can quickly become part of IoT network.

The IoT will continue to deliver new opportunities for digital business innovation for the next decade.

This technical course aims at elaborating the intelligence gathered by the sensing data through IoT sensors and platforms – with a focus on different applicable and useful machine learning models to build smarter applications.

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Course Outline

(Day 1)


  • Growth of IoT
  • Smart Data

Computing Framework

  • Fog Computing
  • Edge Computing
  • Cloud Computing
  • Distributed Computing

Use Case

  • Smart Energy
  • Smart Mobility
  • Smart Citizen
  • Urban Planning
  • Smart City Data Characteristics


  • K-nearest Neighbors
  • Naive Bayes
  • Support Vector Machine


  • Linear Regression
  • Support Vector Regression

(Day 2)

Combining Models

  • Classification and Regression Trees
  • Random Forests
  • Bagging


  • K-means
  • Density-based Spatial Clustering

Feature Extraction

  • Principal Component Analysis
  • Canonical Correlation Analysis
  • Neural Network

Time Series and Sequential Data

Anomaly Detection

  • One-class Support Vector Machine

Future Trends

  • IoT Data Characteristics
  • IoT Applications
  • IoT Data Analytics Algorithms

Trainer Profile

Simon MOK is an IT professional trainer with over 10 years of experience, specialised in IoT, data analytics, AI and machine learning and programing. He has rich experience in leading development team to deliver software solutions for clients. He is a M.Phil from the University of Hong Kong and MSc in Computer Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


27 Feb, 6 Mar 2021 (Sat)


09:30 – 17:00


Total 14 training hours


Cantonese, supplemented with English terminology

Course Fee

HK$4,800 (up to HK$3,200* subsidy)

* Maximum saving, with the final grant subjects to approval.

This course is an approved Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP), which offers up to 2/3 course fee reimbursement upon successful applications. For details:

Award of Certificate of Attendance

Participants with full Attendance will be awarded a Certificate of Attendance issued by the Hong Kong Productivity Council.


It is highly recommended that participants possess basic programming knowledge (Python)

**Bring Your Own Device (BYOD):  Windows 7/10 / Mac OS 10.x or above with minimum 2 GB RAM and 20 GB hard disk