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1. Enrol 3 of our latest courses 報讀3個課程

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods Facilitator Certification Programme 引導師認證課程
Start date 開課日期: 21/9/2019
Fee 費用: HK$29,500

Tech for Non-tech Executives Series: Innovation Disruptions in FinTech
Start date 開課日期: 23/9/2019
Fee 費用: HK$4,800

Oversea Training on Operation Expansion - Vietnam
Start date 開課日期: 24/9/2019
Fee 費用: HK$13,800

Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Start date 開課日期: 14/10/2019
Fee 費用: HK$13,500

Oversea Training on Industry 4.0 & Logistics 4.0 - Germany
Start date 開課日期: 20/10/2019
Fee 費用: HK$40,500

Diploma in Digital Transformation and Strategy
Start date 開課日期: 21/10/2019
Fee 費用: HK$25,000

CPBA & CPMA (DISC & Motivators) Certification Programme 美國TTI - DISC 國際認證課程
Start date 開課日期: 24/10/2019
Fee 費用: HK$7,980

Certificate on A.I. for Business
Start date 開課日期: 28/10/2019
Fee 費用: HK$5,800

Certified Cloud Security Professional
Start date 開課日期: 12/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$13,500

Professional Diploma in Strategic Purchasing and Supply Chain Management
Start date 開課日期: 18/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$18,000

Professional Diploma in Facilities, Maintenance and Property Management 設施, 保養及物業管理專業文憑課程
Start date 開課日期: 18/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$10,000

Diploma in Creative Illustration 創意插畫學文憑課程
Start date 開課日期: 19/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$18,900

Professional Certificate in Facilities and Maintenance Management 設施及維修保養管理專業證書課程
Start date 開課日期: 20/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$5,500

Masterclass for Professional Trainers
Start date 開課日期: 25/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$11,000

Agile Project Management for Industry 4.0 and Data Analytics
Start date 開課日期:29/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$5,000

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Methods Facilitator Certification Programme 引導師認證課程
Start date 開課日期: 7/12/2019
Fee 費用: HK$29,500

PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner Training
Start date 開課日期: 10/12/2019
Fee 費用: HK$4,500

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2. Choose the below courses for FREE#


Digital Marketing Essentials for Newbies
Start date 開課日期: 20/9/2019
Fee 費用: HK$2,200
大灣區營商攻略: 壞賬及合同風險管理
Start date 開課日期: 27/9/2019
Fee 費用: HK$200
Coaching Clinic® 專業證書課程
Start date 開課日期: 12/10/2019
Fee 費用: HK$4,380
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshop Series : Design Thinking and Innovation 設計思維與創新
Start date 開課日期: 8/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$1,500
LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Workshop Series : Business Strategy 商業策略制定工作坊
Start date 開課日期: 15/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$1,500
Qualified Personality Dimensions ® Facilitator (Level 1) Qualifying Program - For Business Application 性格透視®培訓師認證課程 - 商業應用
Start date 開課日期: 16/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$6,600
Professional Certificate in Green Facilities Management and Energy Audit 節能設施管理及能源審計專業証書課程
Start date 開課日期: 21/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$5,500
OH Cards Coaching Program OH卡教練課程
Start date 開課日期: 21/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$1,800
Certificate in Innovative Leadership 創新領導力證書課程
Start date 開課日期: 26/11/2019
Fee 費用: HK$2,100
Certificate in Digital Storytelling
Start date 開課日期: 9/12/2019
Fee 費用: HK$2,350

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# Offer is subject to terms & conditions. Participants will need to complete the online registration via the website www.hkpcacademy.org or complete and return the course enrolment form to us. Payment of the three paid participants must be settled in order to enjoy the free place. The free enrolment place is applicable to any course on the selected courses list, which has to be the lowest cost amount the 4 courses.

#此優惠受條款及細則約束。 所有參與學員必須完成網上報名手續或填妥報名表格交回。付妥三個課程費用,便可享用免費名額。 免費名額適用於精選課程表內的課程, 免費名額的精選課程必須為所選四個課程中費用最低的課程。

Terms and conditions 條款及細則

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