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Overseas Training to Italy: Intelligent Wearable Technology for Eyewear Design
Wayne Yung (2788 6502)

Overseas Training to Italy: Intelligent Wearable Technology for Eyewear Design

31.01.2023 – 09.02.2023

This overseas training aims to enrich participants’ knowledge on development and market trends of smart eyewear design and equip them with the skills of eyewear mass customisation and personalisation to enhance enterprises competition force.

There will be an opportunity to overview the eyewear design trends, concepts, combinations and technology from several Italian companies, workshops, and events.


The Italian eyewear industry is one of the world’s leading sectors in the era of wearable technologies for smart eyewear, and wearables are gradually becoming a part of people’s daily lives. The Italian creative design by wearable technology characterises the eyewear to show its functional-aesthetic-decorative resonance, having product designers to evaluate the product value and enhance the product with innovation and different use of materials from time to time. Moreover, the mature Italian design system keeps a good balance between the cost and quality on the custom-tailored eyewear.

Despite the ample experience in high quality eyewear production, majority of Hong Kong eyewear manufacturers has been struggling in customised and personalised eyewear design and transforming into OBM (original brand manufacturers). In order to facilitate the transformation of Hong Kong SMEs and provide a platform for them to learn about eyewear design for mass customization and personalization. In this overseas training course, you will obtain:

  • To understand the development of latest wearable technologies and eyewear design;
  • To master the market trends and development of smart wearable technologies for SMEs;
  • To learn advanced design and lean manufacturing application cases from several Italian companies and workshops in Milan and Longarone

Training Fee: HK$39,000

Training fee includes

Basic group insurance, Air fares (economy class with taxes & security charge), hotel accommodation on twin room basis (including breakfasts) and inland transportation.

Training fee excludes

Lunches and dinners, visa application fee, additional fee for insurance,  additional fee for special flight and hotel arrangement (e.g. staying behind, single room, etc.), guide and driver tips, airport taxes and other expenses not mentioned.

*Additional charge for single room: HK$5,000

This course is subject to approval under the Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme(RTTP) with up to HK$22,717 subsidy reimbursement upon successful applications. For details: https://rttp.vtc.edu.hk.

For more details, please check: Here

*Should there be any changes on the itinerary due to weather or other circumstances, HKPC reserves the right of final decision

*COVID-19 arrangement

Due to the uncertainty of COVID-19 epidemic, participants are responsible for all risks, including but not limited to:

  • Unable to attend the overseas training due to COVID-19 infection or quarantine;
  • Miss the original flight schedule due to COVID-19 infection or quarantine in Hong Kong or Italy;
  • Changes in epidemic prevention policies and measures;
  • And all additional cost arising from other epidemic-related reasons.