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Professional Scrum Master Course
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The course gives a clear understanding of the rules of Scrum through its empirical foundation.
Students can act as a Scrum Master for Scrum Teams as well as stakeholders from an in-depth understanding of servant-leadership.
Hence, they are effectively able to start using Scrum or increase its effectiveness if already underway.

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Course Description

  • The 2-day Professional Scrum Master course covers the principles and (empirical) process theory underpinning the Scrum framework, and the role of the Scrum Master. This course is a combination of instruction and team-based exercises, and teaches what is at the heart of the Scrum and Agile movement.
  • PSM is the cutting-edge course for effective Scrum Masters and for anyone coaching a software development team toward increased efficiency and effectiveness. The course includes advanced thinking for servant-leadership and behavioral shifts.
  • Throughout the course, students are challenged to think in terms of the Scrum principles to better understand what to do when returning to the workplace.

Date & Time

Date: 24-25 Jun 2023 (Sat-Sun)
Time: 09:00 – 17:00





Course Fee


*(May apply up to HK$6,240* RTTP subsidy)
This course is an approved Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP), which offers up to 2/3 course fee reimbursement upon successful applications. For details:

Course Outline

  • Scrum Theory and Principles
  • The Scrum Framework
  • The Definition of Done
  • Running a Scrum project
  • Working With People and Teams
  • Scrum in Your Organisation
  • The Role of the Scrum Master

Assessment Certification

All participants completing the Professional Scrum Master course will receive a password to attempt the PSM I assessment, and are also entitled to a discount on the PSM II assessment. The industry-recognized PSM certifications require a minimum passing score on the assessments.

Who Should Attend?

The Professional Scrum Master course is for anyone involved in software development using the Scrum framework. It is particularly beneficial for those people within an organization accountable for getting the most out of Scrum, including Scrum Masters, managers, and Scrum Team members.


Lorenz CHEUNG is the first Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) in Hong Kong, one of the 305 PST in the world Scrum Master. With experience working in Fortune top 500 companies in London and Hong Kong and technical / software engineering background, he has the practical experience on how to bring agility to Enterprise and help them to adopt and scale Scrum. Besides Scrum, he is also a practitioner of Kanban, Lean, Innovation, Design Thinking, he just led the team for Best Mobile App at Hong Kong ICT award 2016.

Ken KWAN possesses over a decade of Agile experience as Scrum Master and Agile Coach in aviation, logistics, hospitality and entertainment, finance, and banking industries. Ken has in-depth knowledge and understanding of Scrum and solid experience in Scaled Scrum development, professional training, and coaching. Ken has a Master’s and a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science at the CUHK. He is one of the only two Professional Scrum Trainers (PST) in Hong Kong.