HKPC Academy - Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautionary Measures
Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) Precautionary Measures

Take Precautions! Pay Attention to Personal Hygiene!

For the benefit of others and yourself, please take note of the below measures to prevent the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19):

  • All participants must put on a face mask throughout their stay inside the HKPC premise.
  • Eating or drinking is not allowed.
  • Keep hands clean at all time. Please use the hand sanitizer placed in each classroom and in public area.
  • Do not spit or litter.
  • Sit further apart to keep a good social distance between participants.
  • Participants/ visitors are encouraged to download the ‘Leave Home Safe’ appand use it when entering the HKPC building.
  • For the benefit of other visitors, those who do not comply with the above precautionary measure may be denied from entry or attendance.
  • Persons with fever or any respiratory symptoms shall not enter HKPC Building.

Thank you very much for your understanding. Let’s stay vigilant to self-hygiene and health!