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Start Date17-09-2018
Fannie Kwok, Tel: 27886271

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Course Objective

In today’s business environment, little is certain, tempo is quicker and the dynamics are more complex. It is impossible for managers and executives to stay on top of all things they need to know to do their job. We encounter problems every day and need to be more prepared for internal and external crisis. As circumstance of each problem varies, there is no standard answer and past experience may not always be relevant. Our ability to think critically and to master the problem-solving techniques will enable us to react quickly, promote collaboration, analyze problem systematically, identify solutions, resolve conflicting requirements and evaluate options to determine the best solution.

In today’s information age, strong analytical ability will help us to filter relevant and quality information from a vast quantity of data to generate ideas and solutions.

This course will teach you how to perform situation analysis, identify the root cause of the problems, simplify and communicate, seek ideas, identify solutions, evaluate options and make decisions.

It will also show you the critical thinking technique with emphasis on the relationship between evidence and the conclusion as follows:
  • to think in multiple perspective – big picture, facts and evidence, feeling and emotions, out-of-the-box, optimistic, caution, realistic and practice;
  • clarify and organize your information; and
  • draw logical conclusion based on evidence.

Target Participants

Managers, supervisors and all employees are welcome to join.

Course Background

Often, problem solving is a team exercise. A systematic and standardise problem solving approach, combined with analytical and critical thinking technique, will help to guide and facilitate the identification of the best solution. Even if the solution can be decided by an individual, a process is still required to evaluate multiple and possibly conflicting stakeholder requirements and get buy-in for an optimal solution that balance efficiency, cost, risks and control.

From simple problems such as:

  • How to avoid misuse and reduce wastage of office stationaries but on the other hand to ensure good quality stationaries are available when required; or
  • How to reduce the turnaround time for employee expense claim from 4 weeks to 2 weeks but still maintaining proper control to detect unauthorised and falsified claims;

To more complex problems such as:

  • How to build a new facility adjacent to an operating facility while maintaining construction progress, operation reliability and safety; or
  • How to maintain company growth and profitability with increasingly stringent regulatory and compliance requirements, economic uncertainty and fierce competition;

This course will show you the approach and techniques to tackle.


Course Outline

1. What is critical thinking and how it works
2. How critical thinker behaves
3. Critical thinking techniques
  • Six Thinking Hats technique
4. Analytical technique – how to find, analyze and transform information for decision support
5. Problem solving approach
  • Situation analysis, problem definition
  • Generate alternatives, identify solutions
  • Evaluate options
  • Determine best solution
  • Implement and execute
6. Problem solving technique
  • Cause and effect technique (Fish Bone chart)
  • Cost and benefit analysis
  • Pros and Cons analysis
  • Decision making techniques

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese with English Terminology (Handouts in English)


Mr. Anthony Lam is the Founder of Top Wise Management Limited. It provides consulting services and business solutions in financial management, risk management, internal control, process improvement and training, Mr. Lam has over 30 years of experience in enterprise risk management, corporate governance, auditing, financial management, ERP system implementation, business process improvements and IT control and security.

Prior to running his consulting business, Mr. Lam had worked in Big Four Accounting Firm in Hong Kong and held various management positions in global US multinational corporations, HK listed companies and government statutory organization across a wide range of industries. He has conducted many training workshops on corporate governance, risk management, internal control, management and soft skill training for various organizations.

Course Fee

HK$2,400 / HK$2,280* / HK$2,160#
*Friends of SME One” could enjoy a 5% off discount
# Group of 2 or more from the same organization could enjoy a 10% off discount
(Please note: participants are eligible for one of the above discount types only)

Award of Certificate

Participants who have completed individual workshop will be awarded a certificate of attendance issued by the Hong Kong Productivity Council


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