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Start Date26-02-2019
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Course Background

Time and time again, it surprises us that the unexpected happens. We can no longer take for granted that what's considered obvious will prevail. Very often things are not certain and we have to prepare for the uncertainties and for the worst. The challenge for management is to determine how much uncertainty is acceptable in the process of growing the business. Risk management enables managers to effectively deal with risks. Fail to do so will eventually inhibit business growth.

This implies that company directors not only have the important role of being actively involved in the development of business strategies, and in understanding existing as well as emerging risks impacting their companies, but also have the oversight role of the company’s Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) so as to understand how such risks are identified, assessed, monitored and mitigated.

Implementing a robust risk management system not only is necessary for compliance purpose, but also and more importantly, can rescue companies from disasters; gives management the knowledge needed to develop a plan to reduce those risks; power business growth, increase competitiveness and shareholder value.


This Course will Show You

  • How to take a risk based approach to manage your business.
  • The types of risks that companies are facing and the approach to identify and analyze them.
  • The approach to priority risks so that you can allocate appropriate resources and pay attention to risks that will significantly affect your ability to deliver business results.
  • The technique of risk treatment and mitigation.
  • The steps to implement a fit-for-purpose and cost effective risk management solution for your organization.
  • How to assess the maturity of your risk management process so that you can continuous improve the effectiveness of your process.

Target Participants

Business owners, C-Level or business management, Independent company directors / Audit Committee members, Chief Risk Officers / Chief Internal Auditors / Project manager of ERM implementation, People who are responsible for or involved in risk management activities are all welcome to join.

Objectives / What will be covered

This course aims to equip attendees with knowledge of ERM and the essential skills for identifying, evaluating, monitoring and managing business risks; discover how to design and implement ERM system for your organization; or to assess and improve your existing process; and ultimately gain more confidence in doing ERM in your organization by covering the following:

A. Concept

  • Understanding risk and types of risks.
  • Understanding risk management, its importance and benefits.
  • International and local guidelines / standards on ERM – COSO, IS31000 2009, HKICPA and HKEX Listing Rules.

B. Solution

  • ERM principle, framework and process.

C. Implementation

  • Implementation approach and critical success factors.
  • How you can evaluate your risk management process for continuous improvement.

This training course will help business enterprises, their owners, management and staff to enhance their awareness of business risks, master the principle, process and techniques of risk management with the objective to increase productivity and competitiveness.



Founder of Top Wise Management Limited that provides consulting services and business solutions in financial management, risk management, internal control, process improvement and training, Mr. Anthony Lam has over 30 years of experience in enterprise risk management, corporate governance, auditing, financial management, ERP system implementation and IT control and security.
Prior to running his consulting business, Mr. Lam had worked in Big Four Accounting Firm in Hong Kong and held various management positions in global US multinational corporations, HK listed companies and government statutory organization across a wide range of industries. He has conducted many training on corporate governance, risk management and control for various organizations.



6 lecturing hours


1/F, HKPC Building, 78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon Tong

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese with English Terminology (Handouts in English)

Award of Certificate

Participants who have completed the course will be awarded a certificate of attendance issued by the Hong Kong Productivity Council

 Award of Course Fee

HK$2,400 / HK$2,280 (Friends of SME One) / HK$2,160 (2 or more from the same organization)
(Please note: participants are eligible for one of the above discount types only)
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