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FinTech Training Series: Payment and Blockchain Technologies

Programme Code 10007232-21 Confirmed
Start Date01-08-2019
Fannie Kwok, Tel: 27886271

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How does the blockchain technology reshape the financial payment landscape? Will Crypto-currency replace the paper-backed currency such as US Dollar or Renminbi? Technically, blockchain is an ingenious new way of storing data and verifying its integrity. By using a variety of cryptography-based technologies, once an entry is added into a blockchain database, it cannot be altered. This digital distributed ledger technology could be used to make money transfer more reliable and more secure. Given its benefits, the idea of applying blockchain technology outside of the realm of Bitcoin has gained a lot of interest from forward-thinking companies. The technology is spreading its reach to retail, logistics and asset management industries.

In this course, we will learn more about the blockchain technology and its application, implementation and security concerns.

Target Audience

For learners who are interested in latest financial technologies and innovations of future change.


Alan Lee held a senior management role in the technology division of a investment bank, overseeing the corporate strategy, product development and production management for more than 14 years. With extensive IT background, Mr Lee possesses practical project experience on sophisticated analytics and large-scale global technology project management. He also has rich training experience in the design and delivery of Big Data analytics, Fintech and Blockchain Technologies and Applications.

Course Content

  1. FinTech Payment Technology
  2. Blockchain Market and Technology
  3. Crypto-currency Mathematics
  4. BitCoin
  5. Obtain, Store and Use of Bitcoin
  6. Crypto-currency Wallet
  7. Blockchain and Bitcoin Security
  8. Blockchain Application to Different Industries
  9. Application to FX Payments
  10. FinTech Payment POS, E-cheque
  11. Blockchain Examples and Exercises (High-level only)

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese (English terms will be used where appropriate)


6 hours per day, total 12 lecturing hours

Course Fee


Award of Certificate

Participants who have attained at least 75% attendance will be awarded a certificate of attendance issued by the Hong Kong Productivity Council.
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