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Start Date14-05-2019
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Course Introduction

Storytelling is a powerful tool in a wide range of situations especially for personnel who work in marketing or communications field. Digital stories encourage creativity, engagement, and commitment to learning through video-narratives created by combination of recorded voice, still and moving images, and music etc.

Certificate in Digital Storytelling fundamentally covers the concept, design and creation of a digital story as it outlines the framework for creating a digital story starting with just a simple script and a few images. Participants are expected to learn digital storytelling and its role in business practice.

The course will help you:
  • Develop your understanding on the use of narrative and storytelling in business, research or marketing support
  • Write stories that are memorable, entertaining and engaging for your audience
  • Understand the Seven Steps of Digital Storytelling
  • Use the basic digital media (e.g. POWERPOINT) to create and share stories
  • Facilitate your own collaborative storytelling projects

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is aimed at anyone with an interest in developing the use of stories. It will be of particular benefit to practitioners in curriculum design, public engagement and students from underrepresented groups.

Admission Requirements

Basic knowledge on computer operation, Microsoft Office skills such as PowerPoint and social media are necessary.

Course Contents

Becoming a good storyteller
  • what makes a good story
  • how language and structure can help you engage your audience

Planning a storytelling project

  • different forms of digital storytelling
  • use of storyboarding to streamline the process
  • sourcing suitable visual and audio resources on the web

Making your story digital
  • evaluating and using digital media (e.g. POWEPOINT) for storytelling projects

Running a digital storytelling project
  • choosing an appropriate format
  • structuring and facilitating a series of workshops
  • identifying opportunities and risks
  • publishing and broadcasting digital stories

Participants will

  • Evaluate existing digital stories to determine effective practice
  • Write, plan and produce a digital story based on your personal or professional experiences
  • Create a draft plan for your digital storytelling project
  • Take away materials and skills to share with your company and team
  • Share good practice and learn from others within the business community


Assignment submission – a piece of digital storytelling work using POWERPOINT

Award of certificate

Participants who have attended ALL lessons and completed the assessment will be awarded the certificate issued by the Hong Kong Productivity Council.


HK$2,350 / HK$2,115*
(*For 2 or more enrolments at the same timeļ¼‰


Medium of Instruction

Cantonese (With terminology and handout materials in English)


Award of Certificate

Participants who have attended ALL lessons and completed the assessment will be awarded the certificate issued by the Hong Kong Productivity Council.
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