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Generative AI for Business Optimisation
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Programme Highlights

This practical workshop enables you to master some of the most popular free AI tools that can help improve your daily operations.

Anyone can make use of these AI tools to automate work tasks with higher efficiency, accuracy, and creativity!

Course Objectives

  • Understand the AI trends and its strategic implications to business
  • Learn different FREE AI tools to improve business workflows, create personalized GPT-powered Chatbots and interactive presentations
  • Understand the security and data privacy of AI, and the future impact of Generative AI on the business environment

Course Fee

HK$3,000/ HK$2,700*
*Group discount for 2 participants or more

For NITTP applicants: HK$1,000# (Original price: HK$3,000)
#Maximum saving, with the final grant subjects to approval.

This course is an approved New Industrialisation and Technology Training Programme (NITTP) offers up to 2/3 course fee reimbursement upon successful applications. For details:​



12 June 2024 (Wed)


09:30 – 17:00


Cantonese (supplemented with English terminology and handouts)

Certificate of Achievement

A Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to participants who have completed the course.

Target Audience

Anyone interested in ChatGPT & Generative AI

Course Outline

1.  Strategic Role of Generative AI in Business

  • Overview of AI trends and its strategic implications on business performance
  • Key concepts of Generative AI and no-code automation
  • Importance of Prompt Engineering techniques in improving AI effectiveness  and efficiency

2. Business Workflow Enhancement through ChatGPT and No-code Automation

  • Hands-on session
  • Project management (task, status, timeline, automation setup)
  • Business workflow automation
  • Big Data analysis
  • Business communication e.g. meeting agenda, generating meeting notes with transcription, email and customer service reply etc.
  • Discussion on the best practices

3. Building Customised GPT-Powered Chatbots for Your Business

  • Hands-on session: Build GPT-powered Chatbots
  • Customer service
  • Internal knowledge sharing e.g. corporate policy, handbook, etc.
  • Tips to train AI models to meet specific business requirements
  • Showcase of no-code tools to ease the process of building and deploying AI models

4. AI for Graphic Generation and Presentation Slides

  • Hands-on session
  • Text-to-image to create stunning graphics
  • Text-to-presentation to minimise preparation time

5. Security and Data Privacy in the AI Era: A Business Imperative

  • Unpacking recent AI crime trends and their implications on business
  • Understanding the threats: Deepfakes, Voice Synthesis, AI Password Cracking, and more, and their impact on business security.
  • Discussion on best practices and tips to minimize the risk of adapting AI.

6. Future Impact of Generative AI on Business Environment: A Strategic Perspective

  • Updates on related tech trends and the implications in business
  • Be agile and resilient in terms of mindset and skillset



Kit is a proficient Business Analyst and Developer. With 10+ years’ experience in technology industry, Kit helps businesses to establish enhance operation efficiency and improve sales performance. He is experienced in developing and delivering tech-for-non-tech and ChatGPT training with very good feedback.

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