(MGS) TechFuture for non-Tech Experiential Learning - Purpose Play for Performance (Robots) - 生產力學院
(MGS) TechFuture for non-Tech Experiential Learning - Purpose Play for Performance (Robots)
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    Only English version available.

    This programme simulates real-life situations that require participants to stay calm and communicate effectively under time pressure. Empathy and great listening skills are essential to communicate efficiently, and master the technical tools to achieve the given missions. Each team has to utilise the strengths and potentials of every member to plan, execute, and manage crisis throughout the programme.

    What you will learn?

    • Our programmes instill the concept of reconnecting people while harnessing technology. Through our programmes, participants with or without technical backgrounds could realise their own potentials to use technology more creatively and widely in their daily lives.

    Content Outline

    Welcome Message and Introductions
    Assembling & Decorating Robots
    • Practice strong collaboration across departments / teams

    BREAK and Set up
    Building the Bridge
    • Promote effective cross-departmental communication under different constraints.
    • Encourage cross-departmental collaboration and alignment to achieve one goal as one team.
    • Awaken creativity of individuals
    Appreciation Tree and Prize Presentation• Get participants into a positive mindset and end the programme in a positive environment.
    • Show appreciation to each other to build more bonding
    • Encourage the whole team to transform from the fixed mindset to growth mindset by appreciating each other’s effort and decision in their work.

    Award of Certificate

    A certificate of completion will be issued by the Hong Kong Productivity Council to participants who have attended the training and have completed the assessment.

    Date and time

    3 hours per workshop (By Appointment)
    Available for booking: Now – 31 Dec 2022 (09:00 – 18:00)




    English, complemented with Cantonese

    Course fee

    HK$900 / HK$810*
    *for Members From Supporting Organisations

    Target audience

    All enterprises, HR professionals, Trainers, Coaches, Learning & Development professionals

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