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Securing PaaS Cloud Deployment
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應用無伺服器 PaaS 雲端保安課程

無伺服器 PaaS 是雲端運算容器技術的下一波趨勢,它能夠幫助開發人員在各種環境中一致地開發和部署容器化應用程序。這個為期 2 天的密集式課程旨在為您提供實用知識,以便在公共雲端環境中安全地應用 Docker 和 Kubernetes 的微服務。


Serverless PaaS cloud environment is the next wave of Cloud Computing Container technology that enables developers to work and deploy containerised applications in various environments consistently.

This intensive 2-day programme aims at equipping participants with practical knowledge to deploy microservices with Dockers and Kubernetes securely in a public cloud environment.

Course Outline

During the workshop, participants will have hands on experience to implement a typical web application in a public cloud with various security features. These include:

    • Secure virtual network architecture design
    • Security of various cloud service model
    • Introduction on microservices, Docker, Kubernetes and their security concerns
    • Hands-on experience with Kubernetes deployment and microservices architecture design
    • Security best practices and real-life case studies for Kubernetes deployment
    • Security in Microservices Architecture
    • Serverless application deployment and related security best practices
    • Secure dockerfiles deployment
    • Identity and access management

The workshop will be conducted in Google Cloud Platform environment.  Other security features available on cloud platform will also be introduced.

Target Participants

Individuals interested in cloud deployment and familiar with network architecture and management, such as

    • System Integrators
    • System Administrators / Engineers / Analysts
    • Technical Engineers / Managers
    • Information Security Analysts / Managers

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese with English terminology

Training Fee

Early bird price on or before 30 April 2023

– Staff of Organiser or Member of Supporting Organisation: HK$6,400 per person
– Non-member: HK$6,600 per person

Regular Price
– Staff of Organiser or Member of Supporting Organisation: HK$6,600 per person
– Non-member: HK$6,800 per person


Dr Ricci IEONG

Principal Consultant, eWalker Consulting (HK) Limited


Dr IEONG has over 15 years of industry experience in the Information Technology Industry as well as more than 15 years of experience in IT Security area specialised in Security Risk Assessment, IT Audit, Ethical Hacking & Penetration Test, Smart Card & Biometrics System deployment and Computer Forensics Investigation. He currently serves as Principal Consultant of eWalker Consulting Ltd. He is an authorised (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) and Certificate of Cloud Security Knowledge (CCSK) trainer.

He has worked for HP and founded the first HP e-Security Center (also known as Penetration Test Center) in Hong Kong. He has led and conducted over 100 security assessments, IT Security Audits, penetration tests and incident handling services for HKSAR government departments, banks and multinational organisations in Hong Kong throughout these years. He is one of the founding instructors in the first diploma and graduate diploma course in computer security and forensics investigation recognised by the HKSAR law enforcement team. In year 2002, Dr IEONG was invited by the HK Police Force as the first expert witness in a HK Computer Crime Investigation.

Dr IEONG is a founding member and Council member of the Information Security and Forensics Society (ISFS). He has recently founded the Cloud Security Alliance Hong Kong and Macau Chapter and participated as the Director of Education. He conducted over 20 technical IT security trainings and workshops on cloud computing security in 2010. Besides, he has been invited to provide cloud security awareness training for the general public.

Certificate of Training

Participants who have attained at least 75% attendance of lecture will be awarded a Training Attendance Certificate.


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