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Phygital in Fashion - The Convergence of Physical & Digital
Kate Lee

The unprecedented economic disarray from the pandemic chaos has hit retailers hard. Old ways won’t open doors anymore, so we have to rethink opportunities with a redirected focus on fashion’s “New Normal”.

In this online course, global business specialists will elaborate on how to navigate the new PHYGITAL world and master its challenges through various scenarios and concepts.

Course Background

The world of Fashion, as we see, has been totally revolutionised by e-technology at all levels. From design to marketing to retail, the PHYGITAL reform has culminated in a UNI-CHANNEL driving force, the ultimate one-stop ONLINE shop for today’s consumer-dominated world. The pandemic has made online shopping a trend for all, from Z-Gen millennials to the older generations who, until now, have hesitated to click-and-buy, and this is gaining tremendous momentum. Change is inevitable for sustainability and survival.

Online customers want speed, ease of access, flexibility, and full services including price comparisons and return possibilities. So how can the Supply Chain master this criteria of challenges to achieve speed-to-market timelines, quality demands, limited order quantities without creating unnecessary and debilitating stock? In the New Normal, the old way of marketing, sales and merchandising will be replaced by the Industry 4.0 with its AI, Virtual Reality & Computerised Manufacturing for upgraded productivity to gain new customers and market share. The good news is that all companies, big or small alike, through new mindsets that encourage diversity, innovation, agility and flexibility, will have new opportunities for sustainability and growth. Together, let us find the key to this opportunity.

Course Outline

1.  The Fashion Scene
2.  V.U.C.A. – What It Means for Fashion
(Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity)
3.  The Virtual Fashion Industry
4.  Sourcing Strategy (Setting the Scene)
5.  New Mindsets & Markets
6.  The Phygital / Unichannel Phenomenon


• Sharon WOOD
Consultant – China Ting Group Holdings Ltd. ; Fellow & Representative – Oxford Leadership Group ; Founder/CEO – Spearwood Consulting Ltd.
• Archie LEUNG
Ex-Country Manager-China – PVH Group  ; Former Vice President – Li & Fung Group ; Former Vice-President – China Ting Group
Founder/Managing Partner – Onyx Mgmt Consulting sarl. ; Former International Group Director – Kidiliz Group ; Former International Group Director, Corporate Brands – Vivarte Group ;
• Jacky Z CHANG
2020 Entrepreneur @ Forbes ; 2019 Laureat BFM ACADEMIE, France (French start-up winner in fashion) ; Founder/CEO – Paris Fashion Shops, Paris (wholesaler marketplace platform)

Target Audience

Practitioners of the fashion and apparel industry who are looking for innovative ways in enhancing their business success

Date & Time

18 Dec 2020 (Fri)
15:00-18:00 (HKT)


Online broadcast

Course Fee

Member of supporting organisations / person for two enrolments or above: HK$200
Non-member: HK$250

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