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HKPC is going extra miles to Make Smart Smarter.

Focusing on talent development, the HKPC Academy strives to nurture SMARTER Talents and equip them with FutureSkills.  But what is FutureSkills?

FutureSkills builds the pathway from NOW to FUTURE, for all ages and industries to acquire all-round knowledge – not only technical but also communication and managerial.

Take the lead in a FUTURE of challenges. Sail through competitions with FutureSkills and Make Smart Smarter!

The pandemic has dramatically disrupted the workplace and life. Companies have shifted to remote work or hybrid workforce strategy; digital transformation has accelerated significantly. The paradigm shift has presented both opportunities and challenges for organizations and decision makers to re-think the concept of Future of Work, as well as the employees’ needs to upskill and reskill.

HKPC Academy conducted an online survey in partnership with Quokka HR in 2021 to explore the difficulties for Hong Kong enterprises to implement remote work, the expectation of future work arrangements and their skills demand.

FutureSkills Framework

HKPC Academy offers a range of FutureSkills training programmes to equip you with the essential skills to be successful in the future workplace. The FutureSkills Framework below covers a total of 14 topics, which forms a learning path from technology integration to human interaction for students and adults to become future ready.

From Technology Integration to Human Interaction

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