(MGS) Blended (Digital and Face-to-Face) Trainer Program (Level 1) - HKPC Academy
(MGS) Blended (Digital and Face-to-Face) Trainer Program (Level 1)
    Suki Chang: 2788 5802

    Only English Version is available.

    Under the “New Normal” and the rapid digital transformation, more and more people are adopting the shift from face-to-face to online or hybrid event approach. No doubt, presenting professionally online requires significant upgrade of soft skills and hard skills including the right hardware, software and professional services.

    Under this programme, you could:

    • Understanding different event formats: Face-to-face, virtual & hybrid events
    • Be confident to conduct seamless and secure virtual learning programs
    • Acquire soft skills and hard skills to design and implement effective and engaging virtual and blended learning solutions
    • Know how to work with IT professionals and external vendors to conduct 3S (Seamless, Secured and Scalable) virtual programs

    Course Outline

    1Understand the disruptive opportunities and technologies to offer next generation virtual L&D solutions

    •Market drivers

    •Latest software and hardware solutions

    •Differences among synchronous, asynchronous and blended learning

    2Designing and Preparing Virtual Programs

    •Redesign face-to-face program

    •Platforms for synchronous delivery

    •Best practices

    3Facilitating Effective Synchronous Programs

    •Setup preparation

    •Introduction of engaging features/ online tools

    4Designing and Recording Effective Asynchronous Programs

    •Production of effective learning video

    •Latest software solutions


    Date & Time:

    23 – 26 Nov 2021, 3pm – 5pm


    Zoom webinar

    Course Fee:


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