Executive Certificate on Virtual KOL Creation and Practical Applications - HKPC Academy
Executive Certificate on Virtual KOL Creation and Practical Applications
    HKPC Building 78 Tat Chee Avenue Kowloon
    Ms TAI - Tel: 2788 5677

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    As the world transforms into a digital world, brands leverage the influence brought by Virtual KOL (aka Virtual Influencer) to promote their businesses. Virtual KOL like Lil Miquela has swept the world by having millions of followers on Instagram! To catch up with the ever changing market, you do not want to miss this course!

    Programme Highlights

    This course aims to enable students to understand the basic knowledge of Virtual KOL and how to leverage Virtual KOL for brand promotion. Through the lectures and sharing, our digital entertainment experts will go through local and international use cases, theory, techniques and tools. Participants will design and create their own Virtual KOLs.

    (Participants must have basic computer application knowledge and be interested in Virtual KOL celebrity production. Background in animation, video production and editing is preferred.)


    Mar 2022 (Please contact us at training_2213@hkpc.org / T: 2788 5087 for course dates)


    19:00 – 22:00


    15 lecture hours (3 hours/lecture)



    Course Fee – RTTP Approved Programme

    HK$4,500 (may apply up to HK$3,000 subsidy)
    * Maximum saving, with the final grant subjects to approval.

    This course is an approved Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP), which offers up to 2/3 course fee reimbursement upon successful applications. For details: https://rttp.vtc.edu.hk.

    Award of Certificate

    Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who have attended all lessons.

    Course Structure

    Lesson 1 – Introduction of Virtual Key Opinion Leader (KOL)

      • The evolution of Virtual Idol and Virtual KOL
        • Traditional Animation Character
        • The differences of Traditional Animation Character
        • Virtual KOL
        • Japan first Virtual Idol: Hatsune Miku
      • Development of Virtual KOL
      • The current market of Virtual KOL: Miquela/Brud, Imma
      • The application of Virtual KOL in different fields
        • Virtual Influencers
        • Media Production
        • E-sport competition
        • Online streaming platform
        • Education
        • Advertising and promotion
        • E-commerce

    Lesson 2 – How to create Virtual KOL

    (Sharing by virtual/animation/comic character designer)

      • Introduction of creating a Virtual KOL:3D Model and motion capture system
      • The process of creating a Virtual KOL
      • The background setup of Virtual KOL
        • Japanese, western and real person alike computer graphic (CG) character design style
        • 3-views graph
        • Emotion pack/Emojis
        • Bidding, importing
        • The guide to produce professional character
      • Sharing from designer

    Lesson 3 – Technical aspect of Virtual KOL

      • Virtual KOL technical solution
        i. Existing technical solutions in the market
        a. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
        b. Motion capture solution
        ii. VI Solution
        a. Real-time animation rendering
        b. Motion capture
        c. Sound recognition
        d. Facial recognition
      • Optical motion capture solution
        i. Optical motion capture, inside-out motion capture and laser motion capture
        ii. Local and international motion capture brands and solution
        iii. Demonstration
      • sound recognition
      • facial recognition

    Lesson 4 – Demo of Virtual KOL content creation and live streaming

      • Introduction of Virtual KOL content creation
        • Record content and live streaming
      • Production
        • Record
        • Virtual production
        • 3D model scene
        • Chroma Key
        • Combining real person with virtual character
        • Editing
      • Live Streaming
        • Television Station
        • Social Media
      • Demo on social media live streaming
        • All virtual content
        • Content combining real person with virtual character

    Lesson 5 – Virtual KOL workshop

      • Experiential workshop
      • Virtual Idol content production in groups
      • Virtual KOL live streaming in groups on social media

    Programme Instructor

    Mr. Kevin LEE

    “Virtual Idol System” developed by Kevin can greatly reduce the cost of animation production, bringing affordable technical solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises and independent creatives. The system has been widen adapted across industries and has won HKICT 2019 Award of the Year Winner and Digital Entertainment Grand Award.