Special Arrangement due to COVID-19 (Dec) - HKPC Academy
Special Arrangement due to COVID-19 (Dec)

In view of the continuous increase in the 2019 novel coronavirus disease cases, HKPC has stepped up the cleaning and disinfection efforts within the premise. All visitors, including course instructors, participants and other supporting members, are required to follow the below special arrangements for public health concerns:

·         All visitors must put on a surgical face mask throughout the stay inside the HKPC premise;

·         All visitors are required to measure their body temperature and complete the health declaration form when entering the HKPC Building;

·         Seats at the training venues or classrooms will be spaced out further to increase social distance among participants;

·         For the benefit of other fellow visitors, those who do not comply with the above precautionary measures and the below visitors may be denied from entry;

Those who

    • are undergoing the compulsory self-quarantine order per instructed by HKSAR Government;
    • stay with anyone who is undergoing such compulsory self- quarantine;
    • have been in close contact with any confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19;
    • have recently visited a country/ area with active community transmission of COVID-19 within 14 days;
    • undergoing/ have not completed COVID-19 nucleic acid test subject to compulsory testing;
    • developed any signs of respiratory infectious symptoms 

Participants/ visitors shall download the ‘Leave Home Safe’ app and use it when entering the HKPC building.

Please visit hkpcacademy.org or pay attention to the latest updates from course organisers prior to visiting the HKPC Building.

Thank you very much for your understanding. Let’s stay vigilant to self-hygiene and health!

HKPC Academy

1 December 2020