Smart Innovation Leadership Certification Programme

Programme Highlights

Jointly delivered by German experts from INC Invention Center and Certified i4.0 Consultants of HKPC, the objective of the programme is to assist enterprises establish their professional and dynamic teams through implementing smart innovation processes in various projects with the application of advanced Industry 4.0 technologies. Participants will learn about the key implementation tools, essentials for smart manufacturing and successful practices of German companies, such as electric car manufacturer e.Go.

What is Smart Innovation?

  • Stay competitive – by transforming from a simple contract manufacturer (OEM) to an innovation leader (OBM)
  • Develop highly innovative products & services – by applying cutting-edge technology, such as industry 4.0
  • Manage the innovation process effectively – to complete the transformation successfully

What does the Smart Innovation Leadership Certificate Porgramme Cover?

A structured four pillars approach to create a stable and fundamental form or smart innovation process:

  1. Customer-centric development that can meet the requirements of the market identified;
  2. Digital business model that can translate ideas into a resilient and value creating process;
  3. Agile project management approach that can adapt to changing market requirements;
  4. Most importantly, Advanced Leadership Capabilities that can pilot interdisciplinary development teams through complex and volatile projects.


Agile Project Management: Project Management for Industry 4.0 and Data Analytics

Enable Smart Innovation through Customer-Centric Smart Service and Product Development

Shape advanced leadership competencies to manage the cutting-edge technological shift of digital transformation



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