Metaverse Series: All You Need to Know About NFT (Non-fungible token) - HKPC Academy
Metaverse Series: All You Need to Know About NFT (Non-fungible token)
HKPC Building 78 Tat Chee Avenue Kowloon
Ms. Ko - Tel: 2788 5087

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NFT (Non fungible token) came around few years ago and has since disrupted the ecosystem of the creative industry. NFT is a virtual asset that puts specific information on the blockchain using encryption and allows users to trade on platforms. It’s vastly adapted to music, virtual collection, photo, video and etc. NFT not only protects artists but also brings in many more investment opportunities.

The course welcomes anyone who’s interested in creative works, music, gaming, intellectual property rights, investment, digital asset and fintech.

Programme Highlights

The course will dive deep into NFT, from the basics to business applications. With the rapid change of NFT, the instructor would incorporate the most updated information and use cases into the curriculum from time to time, ensuring participants are keeping abreast of the latest development.

To understand NFT, participants will first learn about blockchain. After learning about the mechanism of blockchain and NFT, participants will then create his/her own crypto wallet and list/trade NFT*. Moreover, participants will learn about how NFT works through role-play and group discussion.

Another highlight of this course is that guest speaker from the local/overseas company will share valuable insights of how NFT is applied HK and worldwide. Participants will be able to gain a concrete idea of NFT from the practitioners’ sharing.

*Participants who wish to list/trade NFT have to reload crypto wallet with ETH. Details to be shared in class.


27 Mar & 3, 17, 24 Apr 2023


19:00 – 22:00


Total 12 lecture hours



Course Fee –  Government Subsidy RTTP Approved

HK$4,500 (May apply up to HK$3,000 subsidy)
This course (HKPC/147/2022(RT) ) is an approved Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP), which offers up to 2/3 course fee reimbursement upon successful applications. For details:

Group discount will be offered to 2 or more enrolment, please contact us for details.

Award of Certificate

Certificate of Attendance will be issued to participants who have attended all lessons.

Course Structure

Lesson 1

Introduction to Blockchain & NFT


      • Concepts & terminology
      • Public & private blockchain
      • Digital currencies before blockchain
      • Bitcoin
      • DeFi (Decentralized Finance), DApp (Decentralized Application)
      • Ethereum and smart contracts
      • Blockchain applications without token
      • Blockchain use cases: medical record, logistics, etc
      • Is blockchain needed in my business?


      • What is NFT and how it works?
      • Royalties
      • ERC 721: Standard protocol
      • Popular NFT: Cryptokitties, CryptoPunks, Beeple, NBA Top Shots, Animoca, etc
      • NFT use cases: Game NFT, redeemable diamond NFT, painting NFT, etc.
      • NFT marketplaces
      • NFTfi
      • Challenges and risks
      • Future of NFT

Lesson 2

Metaverse & NFT
Create Your Crypto Wallet

    • Overview of Metaverse landscape and industry
    • Connection between NFT and Metaverse
    • Create crypto wallet on MetaMask
    • Demo of creation of other crypto wallets

Lesson 3

Step-by-step Create, Buy, Sell Your NFT
Workshop: Industry Sharing

    • Create your own NFT on OpenSea, Rarible
    • List your NFT on OpenSea, Rarible
    • How to buy NFT?
    • How to protect your NFT from hackers?
    • Which platform is best for me?

Workshop: Industry Sharing
Guest speaker from the industry to share how NFT is applied to life.

Lesson 4

Token Economics & Role-play

    • Case studies on Tokenomics
      • Ethereum, Binance BNB, AC Milan Fan Token, etc
    • Group discussion: NFT’s use beyond a collectible
    • Role-play:
      • NFT minter (artist), platform, fans, trader
    • Security and intellectual property of NFT

Programme Instructor

Mr. Kevin LEE

Kevin obtained his BBA from the University of Hong Kong His passion for digital entertainment has kept him engaged with digital entertainment production technology and related application development for more than 15 years. Since 2018 Kevin has focused on high tech creative culture industry and committed to the development of multimedia technology and applications He had completed the Professional Education Certificate Course of Digital Transformation at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (majoring in artificial intelligence, blockchain, Internet of Things, cloud computing and cyber security). He has also recently finished studying a Higher Education Teaching Certificate course from The Derek Bok Centre for Teaching Learning of Harvard University.

Mr. Jesse Co

Jesse started his career in banking and finance, during which he worked for various listed companies in corporate finance capacity. Besides, he has held senior positions in real estate corporations and funds in Hong Kong and China. The 10+ years of experience in corporate finance he had accumulated was propitious to his pivot to blockchain and cryptocurrency. Jesse is currently the General Manager at Amigo Tech Limited. He makes regular media appearances, include TV, radio, and published newspaper columns and interviews. Jesse holds a MSc in Financial Analysis from HKUST and a BA in Economics from Trinity College.