IoT Certification Programme: Start from Beginner to Advanced Level in 5 Days
HKPC Building 78 Tat Chee Avenue Kowloon
Ms Lam, Tel:2788 5800
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What is Internet of Things (IoT) and why does it matter?

As the world becomes increasingly digital, everything from coffee machines to cars can quickly become part of IoT network. Gartner forecasted that the number of connected things in use will go up to 25 million by 2021.

The IoT will continue to deliver new opportunities for digital business innovation for the next decade.

This program walkthroughs basics, concepts and applications of IoT from ground up. It covers its core technologies, IoT infrastructure, platform design and building, basic programming, data analysis and machine learning in a progressive pace.

It focuses on many hands-on practical exercises, including DIY sensor project, programming the weather station, and machine learning programs for IoT data. You will understand why we need a proper IoT platform and leverage it to manage multitude of devices, protocols and applications. Common IoT protocols such as HTTP, MQTT will be reviewed and compared.

We will take a close look of how IoT empowers many industry applications through case studies in smart home, smart society, healthcare and telecommunications fields. Last but not least, the course discusses the controversial topic of Internet security and how to safeguard your IoT platform against cyber-attacks and abuse.

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Course Structure

Introduction to IoT(0.5 day)

To elaborate the core technologies, including NFC, ZigBee, Bluetooth, behind IoT and the applications in different scenarios derived from these technologies

  • What is IoT?
  • Why IoT?
  • Solution architecture
  • Understanding device lifecycle
  • IoT technology overview
  •         – NFC
  •         – Bluetooth
  •         – BLE
  •         – ZigBee
  •         – Wi-Fi
  •         – NB – IOT
  •         – LTE – M
  •        – Lora
  •        – SigFox
  •        – Cellular technologies
  • Common IoT use cases

Sensor DIY workshop (1.5 day)

To build a IoT sensor using the popular ESP8266 component – through controlling input and output and connect to the Internet to submit sensed data

  • What is ESP8266?
  • Introduction to Arduino IDE
  • Working with Arduino libraries
  • Electronic basics for circuit design
  • Building prototypes on breadboard
  • Connecting to Internet
  • Input and output with serial monitor
  • Hand on exercise:
  •        –  Controlling LED lights with GPIO
  •        –  Building web interfaces to control lights
  • Collecting temperature and humidity
  • Data visualisation on Blynk apps
  • Hand on exercise:
  •       –  Building a weather station

IoT Platforms (1.5 day)

To elaborate the details of IoT platform, its emergence, components, key function of device management and two common protocols, HTTP and MQTT that work between IoT sensors and platforms

  • What is IoT Platform?
  • Cloud IoT platforms
  •         – AWS
  •         – Azure
  •         – Google
  •         – IBM
  • IoT Communication Protocols
  •         – HTTP
  •         – XMPP
  •         – MQTT
  •         – CoAP
  • Building pub/sub services on Eclipse Mosquitto
  • IoT Security
  • Authorization and Access Control List (ACL) on Mosquitto

Machine learning on IoT data  (1.5 day)

To elaborate the intelligence that can be gathered by the sensing data collected through IoT sensors and platforms – with a focus on different applicable and useful machine learning models – to build smarter applications

  • Understanding data analysis workflow
  • Introduction to CRISP-DM
  • Machine learning problem types
  • Supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms
  • Introduction to Python programming language
  • Python data analysis packages
  •        – NumPy
  •        – Pandas
  • Scikit-learn machine learning examples
  • Computer vision and image processing techniques
  • Healthcare case study : Abnormality detection on patient data
  • Smart building case study:  Predictive analytics on energy usage

Trainer Information

Simon MOK is an IT professional trainer for over 10 years covering IoT, data analytics, AI and machine learning and programing. He has rich experience in leading development team to deliver software solutions for clients. He is a M.Phil from the University of Hong Kong and MSc in Computer Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Date : 20, 27 Mar & 10, 17, 24 Apr 2021
Time: 09:30 – 17:30 (Sat, 30 hours)

Who Should Attend ?

♦IT manager                            ♦IoT hardware developers
♦System analysts                 ♦Business analysts
♦Software architects          ♦Data analysts
♦Software developers       ♦Data scientists

Prerequisites   It is highly recommended that participants possess basic programming knowledge (Python).

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD):  Windows 7/10 / Mac OS 10.x or above with minimum 2 GB RAM and 20 GB hard disk

Course Fee

HK$12,000 per head ** (May up to HK$8,000* subsidy)

This course is an approved Reindustrialisation and Technology Training Programme (RTTP), which offers up to 2/3 course fee reimbursement upon successful applications. For details:


Cantonese, supplemented with English terminology