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Tech THURSDAY Lunch & Learn (Free Webinar)

Come and join our new series of upcoming hot topics on Strategic Technology Trends for 2022/23. The content can provide you with useful insights and ignite your forward thinking on how to plan for a successful digital transformation journey.

We will offer complimentary food e-voucher for some sponsored sessions. Come join us for a 30-minute lunch and learn session on Thursdays to understand more on the new technologies and corresponding solutions in the digital transformation trend.

[*] 50 quota for each session. Food e-vouchers will be sent to the first 50 participants who 1) answer the designated questions regarding the webinar content correctly, and 2) complete the questionnaires by scanning our voucher QR code during each webinar live session.

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Mr. Desmond CHAN
Tel: 2788 5800
Email: [email protected]

2. TECH for Non-techies

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Ms. Mandy KO
Tel: 2788 5087
Email: [email protected]

3. Cyber Security 

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Ms. Sophie HUANG
Tel: 2788 5421
Email: [email protected]