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1. Emerging TECH FutureSkills

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Agile & Scrum


Citizen Developer

Big Data & AI



Software Development

IT Service and Architecture

Google Cloud Certification Series

Tech FRIDAY Lunch & Learn (Free Webinar)

Low Code and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Agile/ Scrum, Cloud and DevOps, Containerisation, Python Programming, Data Analytics, Big Data & AI are popular emerging technologies that represent useful solutions to modern business challenges in Hong Kong. IT professionals should advance their skills and get on the wave of digital transformation under the “New Normal”.

Try to spare 30 minutes at the lunchtime of six Fridays and start learning more about these emerging technologies. Click the links below to reserve your seats now!

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Tech THURSDAY Lunch & Learn (Free Webinar)

Agile/Scrum, Low Code Apps development, Cloud Strategy, Digital Trust, Container Technology, Machine Learning and AI, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Paperless office are another set of popular technology topics with appropriate solutions or services that can deploy to your organisation to drive your success in digital transformation.

In our essence, 30 minutes during lunchtime, we provide you  e-catering vouchers as accomplishment* in some sessions. So, let’s stay with us for eight Thursdays to understand more the new technologies and corresponding solutions in the digital transformation trend.

[*] We will send e-catering vouchers to the first 50 participants who complete the questionnaires in our voucher QR code during our webinar live.

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Ms. Cherry LAM
Tel: 2788 5800
Email: [email protected]

2. TECH for Non-techies

TECH for Non-techies Course Catalogue

Digital Entertainment


HR Analytics


Artificial Intelligence




Virtual KOL



AR、VR及MR商業應用專業證書課程 (RTTP Approved)




Ms. Jade TAI
Tel: 2788 5677
Email: [email protected]

3. Cyber Security 

Monthly Tech Course Catalogue

Cloud Security

Professional Security Certification

“Kungfu” Series

Big Data & A.I.


Ms. Lavender MAK
Tel: 2788 5704
Email: [email protected]