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Executive Diploma in ASEAN Entrepreneurship & Market Development
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Ms. Amanda John, Tel: 2788 5768
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This course is an approved Matching Grant Scheme for Skills Upgrading programme, which subsidised 75% of programme cost.

This programme is designed for business leaders, entrepreneurs, and professionals who intend to expand their businesses to or work in the ASEAN region.

It will explore and analyse the investment ecosystem and important business landscape of the ASEAN countries to help you fully grasp the local situation when planning your business move.

Learning Outcomes

By taking this programme, participants will be able to:

1.Understand market opportunities and challenges in ASEAN countries

2.Comprehend customer behaviors and corporate culture in ASEAN

3.Master different ways to acquire new customers and find local partners in ASEAN

4.Familiarise with and leverage resources from the entrepreneur ecosystem

5.Be aware of the government policies in ASEAN to expand business and increase investment

6.Formulate the go-to-market strategy and action plan for ASEAN market


The growth in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) drives a strong supply and demand in various industries including manufacturing, construction, trading, retail, and certainly innovation and technology. Governments of ASEAN countries have been proactively encouraging foreign investment, developing infrastructure and digital transformation,  and promoting ASEAN become a key destination for foreign direct investment.

  • With 650 million people, ASEAN has the 3rd largest population in the world and a GDP of US$2.8 trillion
  • With a projected annual growth rate of over 5.5% per year, ASEAN is forecast to overtake the EU and Japan to become the 4th largest economy in the world by 2050, behind China, India, and the US
  • Over 380 million people are under age 35 in ASEAN (58% of the population) and ASEAN’s middle class is expected to be 334 million (51% of the population) by 2030
  • Sustainable urbanisation is a key part of this demographic growth. It is estimated that nearby 70% of ASEAN’s population will live in urban areas by 2050

(Source: US-ASEAN Business Council)

According to the Trade and Industry Department of HKSAR, the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) and the Investment Agreement (IA) between Hong Kong and ASEAN entered into force in full in February 2021, enabling Hong Kong SMEs and Tech Start-ups to enter ASEAN markets without barriers and thus encouraging them to start new business opportunities in ASEAN countries.

Date and Time

27 October – 16 December 2021, 2:30 – 5:30 pm

Programme Fee

HK$2,835(After subsidised)
*10% off discount for members from supporting organisations

Note: Only members from supporting organizations can be eligible to the above special discount. The Academy reserves the right to require proper proof of membership identity; and cancel at our sole discretion for any booking that have been made for false, fraudulent or unauthorized purposes.

Course Outline


Programme format

  • Lecture, guest sharing, discussion, case study, forum
  • Hybrid mode with face-to-face (HKPC Building) and online sessions (Zoom)

Class Arrangement

Delivery mode will be varied depending on the development of pandemic in Hong Kong. Participants will be notified before class commencement.

Target participants

  • Owners and executives of small-to-medium enterprises who intend to expand their businesses in the ASEAN region
  • Entrepreneurs, founders and employees of tech start-ups who intend to scale their businesses to and customize their products for the ASEAN region
  • Corporate leaders and executives who intend to plan or adjust their go-to-market strategies for the ASEAN region
  • Professionals and working classes who seek for career opportunities in the ASEAN region

IMPORTANT: Applicants have to submit relevant supporting documents (i.e. business card) to prove that they intend to expand their businesses to or work in the ASEAN region.


Individual Project (Passing Rate: 60%)


Learners can choose relevant module(s) to attend according to your business needs. A Certificate of Completion of “Executive Diploma in ASEAN Entrepreneurship and Market Development” will be awarded to participants who have obtained the passing rate in assessment, fulfilled 75% attendance rate and attended one of the forums.

Individual Project (Passing Rate: 60%)

Principal Trainer


Dr CHARM is an associate professor in CUHK Business School where he cultivates digital leaders and advises them on digital strategy and transformation. He is also the Chairman of OpenCertHub and Principal Advisors of a few elite AI/Big Data, FinTech and eCommerce start-ups in Asia. Dr CHARM is sitting in advisory boards of a few public, commercial and academic associations in the Greater Bay and ASEAN countries. He also received the 2019 College of Business Distinguished Alumni Award from the City University of Hong Kong.

Dr CHARM has been in innovation and technology industry for more than 30 years. He held senior management positions in Cyberport, HSBC, IBM, Oracle, Kingdee and Jardine. While Dr CHARM was the Chief Public Mission Officer of Cyberport, he cultivated and managed a world-leading digital tech ecosystem with 1,200+ digital companies from 30+ countries where a number of these companies have expanded into ASEAN countries. Dr CHARM specialises in AI/Big Data, FinTech, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Digital Strategy and Transformation.

Special thanks to ASEAN Business Partners and TPG to have their experts as guess speakers to share the entrepreneurship and market development in the ASEAN region:

Mr Sumit DUTTA
Founder and CEO, ASEAN Business Partners

COO and Head of Industry Research, ASEAN Business Partners

Board Advisor (Malaysia), ASEAN Business Partners

Board Advisors (Indonesia), ASEAN Business Partners

Senior Advisor, TPG

Country Manager (Vietnam), ASEAN Business Partners


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