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HKSAR Government’s New Guidelines on “Event Premises” (22 Dec)


Dear HKPC Venue Users,

Please be notified that the HKSAR Government has introduced a new type of scheduled premises, namely “event premises”, with a view to specifying restrictions and requirements applicable to certain events. The new measures will take effect on 22 July 2021 till 5 January 2022 (the specified period)  ( ) as below:-

Event Premises

Specified events (including meetings, forums, symposiums, exhibitions, ceremonial and celebratory events, as well as weddings and certain business meetings which were exempted group gatherings prior to the legislative amendments) can be conducted at event premises subject to the relevant requirements and restrictions, including:-

(a) 100% of the normal capacity of the event premises if at least two-thirds of the people participating in the aforementioned specified event have received the COVID-19 vaccine (in such case, organizer(s) should keep the vaccination record as proof of vaccination); otherwise the number of persons to be allowed would be 50% of the normal capacity;

(b) unless otherwise specified, no more than four persons or the number of persons living in the same household, whichever is more, may be allowed in each group of guests or participants, except when the persons are participating in a photo-taking session and all of the relevant persons are wearing masks;

(c) for seating at an auditorium setting or spectator stands, seats to be occupied must not exceed 85% of the seating capacity and no more than six consecutive seats in the same row may be occupied

(d) All event organiser(s) and person(s) who provide services for the event (if any) has to undergo a polymerase chain reaction-based nucleic acid test for COVID-19 with test sample taken within 14 days prior to the day the event is held (the sample for such test should be obtained by combined nasal and throat swab) starting from 29 July 2021 and ensure that the event organiser(s) and person(s) who provides services for the event obtain SMS notification containing the result of the test before the commencement of the event and keep record of each SMS notification for 31 days; or, adopt alternative measure, which is ensuring that the relevant persons has completed a COVID-19 vaccination course (see note 7) and should keep the vaccination record as proof of vaccination.

All HKPC venue users and event organizers holding their events at HKPC Building are required to comply with the above new measures. In case of any non-compliance, HKPC reserves the right to forbid the venue users or event organizers for using the reserved venue or cancel the booking without prior notice or compensation.

Should you have any enquiry, please feel free to contact HKPC venue team at or call 2788 5923.

Thank you for your understanding and full co-operation.

HKPC Academy