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Artificial Intelligence – Essential and Application

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Start Date26-08-2019
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For many, the unbeaten record achieved by Google’s Alpha Go over human Go grand masters is another proof of the supervisory of artificial intelligence (AI) and that machines may eventually replace people. This feat receives prominent mention both in the private and public sectors. While the world is dreams of integrating this intelligent technology into Smart World and Internet of Things, even advanced technology practitioner has difficulty in applying such state-of-the-art technology in our daily life.

Deep Learning Technology is a cross-discipline of technology among Big Data Analytics, Statistics and Neuroscience Technology. It simulates how a human brain learn “Knowledge” from the real world. Some eye-popping results have shown up in addressing longstanding artificial intelligence problems.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how this technology help in Internet of Things Projects
  • Understand how this technology work with big data infrastructure
  • Understanding State-of-the-art Big Data Artificial Intelligence Technology
  • Learn how deep learning algorithms improve the accuracies of traditional AI algorithms
  • Learn basic statistics used in Big Data
  • Learn basic machine learning methodology
  • How deep learning help in image recognition and object tracking
  • How deep learning help in sentiment analysis
  • How deep learning help in decision making such as Chess / “Go” game
  • Practical Experience in writing deep learning programs

Who Should Attend

This course is designed for project managers, software developers, and statisticians. It is an advanced extension to Internet of Things and Big Data Project. Project manager, who intends to utilize Big Data Intelligence into their projects, can learn what, why and how Deep Learning works in the project; Software developers and system integrators can learn practically how algorithms and software can be written.


It is highly recommended that participants process basic programming knowledge (Python) and basic statistical knowledge to fully take advantage of this course.


Alan Lee held senior management role in technology group in investment bank, overseeing the corporate strategy, product development and production management for more than 14 years. With strong IT background, Mr Lee possesses practical project experience on sophisticated analytics and large-scale global technology project management. He also has rich training experience in the design and delivery of Big Data analytics, Fintech and Blockchain Technologies and Applications.

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese (English terms will be used where appropriate)


6 hours per day, total 12 lecturing hours

Course Fee


Award of Certificate

Participants who have attained at least 75% attendance will be awarded a certificate of attendance issued by the Hong Kong Productivity Council.
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