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Programme Code 10007309-07
Start Date21-06-2019
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Course Introduction
Nowadays organisations are facing difficulties in talent development:
Do you find it difficult to squeeze a timeslot to train up your team or build up team rapport?
How to be a good leader? How to motivate the new generation? Is there any effective solution to build a motivated team given limited time and resources?
Virtual immersive training can cope with these difficulties by delivering training in reality setting,  offering an interactive and engaging learning process, as well as hands-on experience. Intensive VR and AR training are provided to ensure full learning experience. It also empowers employees to practise virtual equipment replicating real life situation. There are 2 key advantages:

  1. Minimum restriction on time and venue
  • Standard operation procedures and special scenarios can be simulated in a virtual environment anytime and anywhere with necessary equipment.
  1. Maximise ROI (Return on investment)
  • Procedures are divided into different sub-tasks, with instructions and integrated assessment, helping employees to recall and retain memory, and at the same time producing a high ROI with maximized utilisation rate.

During the workshop, we will provide insight to business leader via:
  • Sharing on global people training and management trend
  • Industrial insight on enhancing efficiency via digital means
  • Understanding limitation of traditional training and what people need nowadays
  • Experiential workshop for participants to find out teams’ training needs and gain immediate training directions
Course Characteristic
  • Unconventional way to improve work efficiency, effectiveness, people skill and build team rapport
  • Learning through gamification – Arouse participants interests by immersing participants into virtual environment
  • Participants can experience the power of immersive experience via “standing inside” virtual environment
  • Combining traditional training and digital elements to create new experience

Learning Objective
Identify training needs and assist participants to develop own corporate training directions via immersive training. It helps participants to develop immersive training plans in the long term.
Target Audience
This programme is suitable for human resources personnel, corporate management, middle management, frontline managers and supervisors or anyone who is interested to learn and experience immersive training are welcome to join.

Course Date
21 Jun 2019 (09:30-17:30)
Course Fee
HK$2,500 /2,200*
(*Group Discount for 2 people or more)
Application Deadline
14 June 2019
Summer Offer

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