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Certificate in Promotional Communication: Creating Advertising Campaign Discount

Programme Code 10007680-02
Start Date18-06-2019
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This programme aims to focus on the art of designing, synergising and implementing promotional campaigns. It emphasises on the strategic importance of integrated promotional communication across each stage of process; how to maximise results through persuasive communication and activities.
The course cover the following topics:
  • Create effective advertising campaigns
  • Creative details and media strategy
  • Evaluate and interpret the results

What will you get?

  1. Apply promotional communication technics and principles to practice
  2. Plan and implement research and interpret results to drive effective advertising campaigns
  3. Create and conduct ethically sound and socially responsible advertising strategies and campaigns

Who should attend?

  1. SME, Start-ups and entrepreneurs who wish to obtain the knowledge in effective promotional communication.
  2. B2B trading business practitioners with an interest to better establish their brand and start their promotional plans.
  3. B2C business practitioners who aim to improve the partnership with their agencies to drive effective communications.


12 hours

Course Contents

1. Creating Advertising Campaign
  • Creative side
  • Visual communication
2. Creative details and media strategy
  • Promotional writing
  • Basic Media Concepts - Media Planning and Strategy Evaluation of media
3. Evaluate and interpret the results
  • Developing a budget & Evaluating the campaign

Course Fee

HK$2,300 / HK$2,070*
(applicable for 2 enrolment at the same time)

Medium of Instruction

Cantonese with material in english

Award of Certificate

A Certificate of Completion will be awarded to participants who have attained at least 80% attendance and finished the assignment.

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