HKPC Academy - HR Transformation Series
HR Transformation Series

Given today’s complex business environment, the role for HR as an effective business partner and advisory to management is more challenging than ever. HKPC Academy understands the need for HR to transform at this critical time and has been engaging strategic HR practitioners and industry experts to share their best practices and insights on a wide range of topics HR subjects through our webinar platform.

With an aim to build a knowledge sharing HR community, we have put together the highlights of our previous events for your review below.

Highlight of HR transformation webinars

HR Transformation during the COVID-19 & Beyond (15 May 2020)

Shared some of the best practices on how companies successfully engage their employees to ensure business as usual during this global crisis and the way forward.

Event Highlight

HR Transformation – People Analytics (10 Jul 2020)

Shared how HR analytics can be applied to improve workforce performance and the overall people strategy of organisations

HR Transformation – Coping with the New Normal (8 Oct 2020)

Addressed the reality of the changing work culture and norms under the “New Normal”, while providing practical solutions for companies to coach and support employees to stay engaged and focus on performance.

HR Transformation – The Gig Workforce (26 Jan 2021)

Looked into the trends of the gig economy and share the views from traditional companies to startups on their experience in transforming the labour market.

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HR Transformation – Explore GBA Talent Landscape (25 Feb 2021)

Discuss the talent landscape, hiring techniques, and most recently the GBA Youth Employment Scheme by the HKSAR Government in supporting more talent to explore opportunities in the region.

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HR Transformation: Maintaining Employee Mental Wellbeing in Face of Adversity (25 Mar 2021)

Looked at the measures, best practices, and resources available for HR practitioners to implement wellness policies in their companies in order to motivate their workforce to maximise their potential in times of uncertainty.

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HR Transformation – An Evolution of Work & Life (30 September 2021)

In this HR Transformation Session, we will look into the trends, pros/cons and best practices as different work modes evolve, and insights to support employees through changes!

Event Highlight

HR Transformation- Foster a Positive Workplace (16 December 2021 )

IIn this HR Transformation Session, we will look at the best practices and strategies for companies to create and foster a positive and engaging workplace.